Insert NMR Spectra into Documents
Department of Chemistry

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After obtaining quality data on the spectrometer and printing a hard copy for your records, you will still need to get those spectra into various documents including peer reviewed papers, supplemental information, and dissertations. The basic process for generating the jpg, gif, or tiff files for insertaion into documents is the same for 1- and 2-D spectra: create the postscript file at the spectrometer or at a datastation; ftp the file to your computer; and finally convert that file to the desired format. This guide will help you through that process.


Figure 1. Example of a gHMQC Spectrum acquired on a Varian INOVA 400 printed as a postscript file with high resolution 1D spectra as the projections. The postscript file was converted to a jpg file for presentation (low resolution for the web).

image of a gHMQC spectrum with high resolution plots on side

  • Preliminaries:
  • Creating the Postscript File for 1-Dimensional Spectra:
  • Creating the Postscript File for 2-Dimensional Spectra (gCOSY, gHMQC, gHMBC, etc.):
  • Transferring the Postscript File to your Computer:
  • Changing the Postscript File to a JPEG, TIFF, or PDF File.

  • Inserting your Spectrum into a MS Word Document or Similar.